Our Philosophy

We are committed to baking quality, product innovation and exceeding customer and consumer expectations. Our products delighted consumers for over 20 years. Our trusted brands have strong consumer loyalty and generate consistent growth because consumers love quality and benefits that our products provide. From self-indulgent treats to “better for you” delicious everyday snacks Nonni’s Foods leads the way.

But, we’re far from resting on our laurels. Nonni’s employees enjoy an entrepreneurial passion for introducing products that are in-step with consumer trends. We operate in an environment and with a spirit that allows us to identify emerging consumer needs and quickly develop cutting edge new products to meet those needs. This innovative spirit promotes the creation of differentiated new products that consumers love.

Nonni’s Foods LLC continues to seek improvements in our products, our business and in our community. This commitment has served Nonni’s Foods LLC well and will continue to be the cornerstone on which we operate.