Biscotti Snacking Ideas

Sometimes, more than just a quick snack is necessary. For those who have an insatiable sweet tooth or a craving for the winning combo of sweet and salty, we offer some creative biscotti snacking ideas. Try one of these or create your own innovative treat!


Biscotti Bites Dippers

Biscotti Bite Dippers:
While our Biscotti Bites are delicious snacks on their own, you may to want take your treat to a whole new level by creating Biscotti Bite Dippers. Have a bowl of milk, dark or white chocolate and your favorite toppings (nuts, fruits, candies or otherwise) ready to start creating this flavor sensation.




Biscotti FondueBiscotti Fondue:
Love dipping fruit in warm chocolate? Who doesn’t? Add a new dimension with the sweet crunchiness of biscotti. All you need is your favorite flavors of Biscotti Bites, some fresh fruit, a fondue bowl and your favorite kind of chocolate to get the fondue party started.




strawberry-bruschettaStrawberry Dessert Bruschetta:
A sweet fruity twist on the traditional bruschetta from one of our bloggers.  Click the link for this deliciously scrumptious recipe :





yogurt-biscotti-sprinklesFrozen Yogurt with Biscotti Sprinkles:
Take your favorite frozen yogurt or ice cream and crumble on your favorite biscotti for a sweet crunch.





salted-caramel-brownieSalted Caramel brownie delight: 
Take your favorite brownie and drizzle with caramel sauce and crumble Salted Caramel Biscotti over the top.  This sweet and salty combination is sure to please the taste buds!





trail-mix-2Trail Mix:
Going on a hike, walk or a bike ride with the family.  Here’s the perfect treat, your favorite nuts, dried fruits and take your favorite biscotti and break them up in bite size pieces.  Great way to stay energized!