Grocery Business

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Senior Editor Natalie Taylor included Nonni’s Chocolate Chip Artisan Thin Cookies within the June 2018 “Editors’ Elite” product picks. In her write-up, Natalie included key messaging around Nonni’s Chocolate Chip Artisan Thin Cookies’ calorie count and convenient pre-portioned packaging, helping … Read the rest

Taste TV

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Nonni’s Artisan Thin Chocolate Chip Cookies received four awards in the Taste TV “Click here” 2018 Top Healthy Gourmet Snack Awards” competition which evaluates snack product entries from around the country to identify the “tastiest, most appealing and healthiest snack … Read the rest

Food & Nutrition Magazine

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Nonni’s Artisan Thin Chocolate Chip Cookies were featured in the May/June 2018 print issue. The write-up highlighted priority key messages such as the cookies being made without any artificial ingredients and included all three flavor varieties. Additionally, the calorie count … Read the rest

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery‘s

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April 2018 Issue, which featured a photo of the Almond Chocolate flavor alongside messaging calling out the cookie’s low sugar, fat and carbohydrates. You can find images of the screenshots below.

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SHAPE Magazine July/August 2016

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SHAPE recognized Nonni’s Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond THINaddictives in the July/August 2016 issue as a 2016 Snack Awards recipient, emphasizing the premium ingredients and low-calorie quality of the almond thins. THINaddictives were prominently featured in the “Sweet” category of … Read the rest